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Game Genre Style Status Rating
Angels Fall First: The Second Antarean War
MMORTS SciFi Alpha -
Ballerium MMORTS Fantasy Dead 2008 8.0
Battle Corp MMOTBS SciFi Released 6.0
BattleForge MMO RTS/TCG Fantasy Released 8.5
Battleswarm: Field of Honor MMO RTS/FPS
Fantasy Released 8.5
Beyond Protocol MMORTS SciFi Released 9.0
Black Prophecy MMOG SciFi Beta -
Boundless Planet MMORTS SciFi Released 8.0
Caesary MMORTS Fantasy Released -
Call of the Kings MMORTS Fantasy Dead -
Captains of DarkTide MMOG Fantasy Beta -
Castle of Heroes MMORTS Fantasy  Released -
Company of Heroes Online MMOARTS Sim Released -
Conrohl Online Strategy SciFi Released -
Cosmic Supremacy MMOTBS SciFi Released 7.5
Cyber Nations MMOG Sim Released -
Dark Space MMOFPS/RTS SciFi Released 7.0
Dawn of Fantasy MMORTS
Fantasy Beta -
Dawn of Nations Online Strategy SciFi Released 6.5
Defacto War: Commander in Chief MMORTS Sim Dead -
Demigod MMO RTS Fantasy Released 7.5
MBBRTS SciFi Beta 7.0
DotWar MMO RTS Sim Released -
Dreamlords Resurrection
MMORTS/RPG Fantasy Beta 7.5
Elements of War MMORTS Sim Beta -
End of Nations MMORTS SciFi Alpha -
Eve Online MMOG SciFi Released 9.0
Evony MMORTS Fantasy Released 6.0
Excalibur Online MMORTS Fantasy Beta
Far Reaches of Space MMORTS SciFi Inactive -
Fragmented Galaxy MMORTS SciFi Alpha -
Galaxy Online Online Strategy SciFi Released 6.5
Heroes of Newerth MMOARTS Fantasy Released 8.0
Hive Rise MMO RTS SciFi Released 8.0
Infinity MMOG SciFi Alpha -
Kingdoms of War MMORTS Fantasy Inactive
Kingdom under Fire II MMOARTS Fantasy Beta -
League of Legends MMO RTS Fantasy Released 7.5
Lord of Ultima MMORTS Fantasy Released 7.0
Lords Online MMORTS Fantasy Released 6.0
Mankind MMORTS SciFi Released 8.0
NavyField US MMO RTS Sim Released 7.5
NavyField EU MMO RTS Sim Released 7.5
OGame MBBRTS SciFi Released 7.0
Pearl Lands MMOG SciFi Alpha -
Picaroon MMORTS Fantasy Beta -
Prime World MMOARTS Fantasy Alpha -
Project Visitor MMORTS SciFi Released 8.0
Renations MMORTS SciFi Alpha -
Saga MMORTS/TCG Fantasy Released 8.5
Saga Online MMORTS/TCG Fantasy Released 7.0
Shattered Galaxy MMO RTS SciFi Released 8.0
Soul Master MMOARTS Fantasy Beta -
Space Civilisations MMOTBS SciFi Archived -
Star Alliances MMORTT SciFi Released 8.0
Stronghold Kingdoms MMORTS Fantasy Beta -
Time of Defiance MMORTS SciFi Retired 8.0
Trash MMO RTS SciFI Released 6.0
War of Legends MMORTS Fantasy Released 7.0
World of Battles MMO RTS Fantasy Released 7.5
World of Tanks MMO RTS Sim Beta -
WorldShift MMO RTS SciFi Released 8.0



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Released Games

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