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hey there, been a while. this site's gone real inactive. where the heck did vimes go. i've tried emailing him, messaging him, can't get him to respond at all. oh well, guess i'll have to pick up some slack around here. too bad i don't have a single clue how to add something to the front page. oh well.

 anyways, there's been a whole lot of fixing up at boundless planet.

 6.12.09 - New Release

- Fixed movement AI bug which caused two units moving in opposite directions to wait for each other indefinitely (which often caused transports in supply lines to get stuck).

- Fixed supply line fuel starvation bug; transports will now always mantain enough spare capacity for refueling.

- Nomads now refuel to 500.

- Fixed bug which caused resources to be placed too close together (rendering them unusable) when spawning.

- Smarter movement AI - increased A* search depth from 500 to 2000, which allows smart pathfinding over larger distances.

- Fixed bug which caused incorrect quantity calculations in supply lines.

- If there are insufficient resources or power, a builder will now wait and begin construction once resources are available.

- It is now possible to run BP with a more recent version of Java that you have installed locally. This is an experimental feature; see the Forum for more details.

- Deathmatches now start in a paused state and can be controlled with /pause and /resume.


not only that, but justin's been tons more active in the forums. also, now included for deathmatches is a list of several high-quality maps. all made my me, and loved by all.

i'd also like to point out an interesting planet that will be coming up... it will be a great planet, and none other than our bright blue marble, planet earth! i'm creating it from a real hieghtmap i got off google and willl hopefully be loads of fun for everyone.

been lots of things going on in-game too, life and the rest of DZ (includeing me) managed to go past 100000 in the faction rankings page. currently, if you combined every other faction up, it would only be around 65% of the size of DZ. and that's a lot of people too.

i've noticed that in the past boundless planet, along with other mmorts's, have suffered from what i decided to call the "reverse WoW effect". what i'm refering to is how many companies make things like myspace, WoW, runescape and more only gain popularity because they have popularity.  really annoying in the case of myspace, only painfully obivous that they rake in billions from the shizload of ads on their site. in the case of boundless planet, this is reversed. lack of popularity leads further into no popularity. so me, along with others are attempting to get people to stick to the game and try to get everything to snowball. currently we often have around 10 people on at a time, depending on the time of day. usually 2/3 newbies a day and plenty of regulars and a few vets.

i also managed  to take some time out of my day to look at a few other games that i've played in the past. i downloaded saga only to discover my old account has dissappeared, so i just made a new one. it's a bit diff from back when i played it long ago, but still has much of the same feel. it's still quite  a pain to play on satelite internet too. but still a bit fun. i quickly noticed after logging in 2 times a day that there happends to be a lot of political bickering. it got really annoying after a while. but i got a few laughs when some nooby screamed out a useless paragraph in caps saying about how they suck and nobody understands anything that they're talking about. i did agree that it was annoying and i wish i didn't get bothered by it, just screaming in all caps is really not the way to go. so i politely asked if there was a way to block their convo, and they were nice enough to respond with help. they happend to be chatting in the conflict channel, so all i had to do was block it and everything's fine! quickly noticed how empty the chat was after that though.

 i also got a sudden urge to play mankind again, so i started up a trial and i'm installing it again atm. after a whiile of all this mmorts mayhem i began to wish that i had a special ability as part of mmortsgamers to get free full accounts at most mmorts's. like that'll ever happen.

i also re-downloaded wurm online. was a good game, i only stopped playing before because i spent 3 days on it and achieved nothing. wurm really needs a better tutorial system. created a new account and logged in with linux, had some issues with the mouse and keyboard not working. so i looked up the wurm wiki and quickly found some help to my problem! so i logged in and lo and behold, i didn't have a clue where the nice kind tutorial npc was. and to top it off i had annoying black lines on the ground. oh well. so i started scouting around for the npc until i noticed giant black lines on the mountains and thought "i'm moving to windows" so i did. only then i got distracted with warzone2100. it's a really fun RTS game, i swear it's a mix of saga, boundless planet and beyond protocol all rollled into one fun little game.

 btw that reminds me i should download wurm for windows and get on now. after warzone i got distracted by oblviion. oblivion sure is a fun game!


so this is how my day went. i'll try to remember to post up again tommorrow. HF!

By: monofuel On Thursday, 18 June 2009 Comment Comments( 3 ) Hits Views(36727)
Comments No stopping him..
I swear if you posted more you would meander less lol ;) Good stuff mono
By: Vimes , On Tuesday, 07 July 2009
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