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  Game   Evony: Age II
  Developer   Evony, LLC
  Publisher   Regan Mercantile LLC
  Website   Website
  Business Model
  Free-2-Play with MTX
  Release Date   Feb 2010
  Platform   Browser Based
  Genre   MMORTS
Evony is a free to play browser based MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game where you can build up your city and army in order to expand your territory and conquer other enemy players or NPCs.
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Evony: Age II builds upon the foundations established by Evony: Age I, enhancing the player experience and offering new depth in gameplay. With new quests involving historical heroes and cities, a redesigned graphical interface and Facebook Connect integration, the lords and ladies of Evony will embark on a new journey of unprecedented scope.

Evony: Age II Features:
  • Facebook Connect Integration – Players can share the latest on their empires with friends on Facebook – they can give gifts, visit neighbors' cities, post achievements (new to Age II), display quest completions and recent activity and form new tactics with post-battle reports.
  • Improved Graphics – New art and graphics introduce an easier-to-use interface, high-resolution buildings and detailed animations.
  • Upgraded Chat System – Regional Chat was created to help beginners see only the important messages in their area, substantially improving the nature of in-game chat for new players.
  • Historical Content – Recruit help from history's most powerful figures and take control of some of the world's most renowned ancient cities.
  • War Declarations – Manage all threats to your city and prepare for pending invasions with an all-new war declaration system. Be ready to defend at any hour of the day, armed with knowledge to protect your kingdom even when away from the computer.
  • Strategems – New combat modifiers to influence intelligence gathering and disguise plan of attacks.
  • Hero Control – Equip heroes with custom crafted equipment and new items to be the ultimate leader on the battlefield.
  • New Balanced Colonization System – New PvP colonization system enables powerful players to increase their empire, while allowing weaker players to protect their domains through an overhauled combat system. With more land to conquer than ever before, the battles will grow to epic proportions.

Start the passage into Evony: Age II and join the 16 million strong and growing community today at www.evony.com. Existing Evony: Age I players will be greeted with a special welcome package.

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Style Fantasy
Server Location US
Persistence Fully
Free-2-Play gameplay with MTX
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Overall 6.0
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Evony is a popular but ultimately Pay-2-Win game. Our experience was limited to Evony I, so we will attempt to play and review Evony II as soon as possible.
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